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Bahamas Fishing: An Angler's Paradise

Buzzle Staff Nov 1, 2018
For an exciting sportfishing adventure, tournament fishing, deep-sea fishing, and some trophy-size catches, plan a fishing trip to the Bahamas―you'll be hooked for life! Here's more...
You've probably heard it said, "The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work." Well, come on down to the Bahamas to find out just how true that is. With winter raging outside, it might be time to head south for some warmer weather and excellent fishing.
Some of the best fishing in the world can be found in the islands of the Bahamas, which explains why thousands of anglers flock to the Bahamas each year, not just to wet their hooks but also to test their skill in fierce and exciting fishing tournaments.
Prime sport fishing in the 'Bahia Mer'"―the shallow sea-lures seasoned anglers and first-timers alike. Famed sport fisherman Ernest Hemingway immortalized these islands in prize-winning books based on his fishing escapades in Bimini, the big-game fishing capital of the world.
Bimini's coastal waters are teeming with giant tuna and enormous white and blue marlin, along with barracuda, grouper, amberjack, bonefish, and tarpon.
If you're looking for speed, cast your line for a wahoo, one of the fastest game fish in the world. No matter what you reel in, the chef at your restaurant might even prepare your catch for you.
Andros Island offers some fine deep-sea fishing for marlin, kingfish, and tuna, as well as fly-fishing, reef fishing, and seasonal tarpon fishing. But the real allure of Andros is the bonefish.
Bonefish anglers say, "If fishing for marlin is a battle, then hunting for bonefish is a chess match." Angling for a bonefish may take patience, but once it strikes, you'd better hang on-the bonefish is one of the hardest fighting fish in the world.
Bonefishing is a year-round adventure on Andros, where experienced guides can take you to famous fishing holes such as "Bonefish Boulevard" and "Land of the Giants."
If you're looking for a trophy-sized fish to mount on that blank wall in your rec room, then head straight for Exuma. Inside the barrier reef, hundreds of miles of 'flats' covered with knee-deep water seem to extend all the way to the horizon. Most of this vast region is still unexplored, and the fishing is excellent.
The waters of Exuma Sound, where the ocean drops 6,000 feet into dark, cool feeding grounds, are brimming with gigantic marlin, sailfish, and wahoo. Sixty square miles of crystal-clear flats make for world-class bonefish, snapper, and grouper fishing.
Fishing tournaments are periodically held on the Exuma Islands. The July 4th Annual Bonefish Tournament at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club attracts competitors from all over the world.
Fishing tournaments are frequent in the Bahamas, and they bring in competitors from around the globe. The biggest tournaments are held in Bimini, Abaco, Exuma, and Eleuthera, but several other islands host annual tournaments as well.
For sport fishing fanatics there's no better destination, whether you're looking for a world record trophy or just tonight's dinner. Experienced guides and fishing lodges are plentiful in the islands, and are fully outfitted to be sure you have a great time.
One fishing trip to the Bahamas is all it takes, and you'll be hooked for life!