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Basics of Water Surfing

Kashmira Lad Mar 12, 2019
Water surfing is one of the most thrilling and exciting water sports, which has new experiences in store every time one rides the waves. Here are some basics of water surfing, which beginners can use to avoid the initial hiccups faced in the early stages.
The sand and surf can beckon all beach lovers, be it at any place in the world. Lovers of the beach can probably never do without the salty air and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Surfing remains the most popular sport among most people who frequent the beach often.
Water surfing has caught the fancy of many people with some being a natural at this sport; while others strive meticulously to perfect their stance on the surfboard.
For beginners, water surfing may seem to be a difficult task; they can take a look at some basic techniques mentioned in the following paragraph, which can help master this water sport with minimum hiccups along the way.

The Basic Rules of Water Surfing

Firstly, whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must always make yourself aware of the kind of conditions at the beach. This will help you to avoid certain hazards along the way. Being aware of the conditions around you will help you to be aware of the conditions that are supposed to be favorable for surfing.
Water surfing really does look cool when performed by most professional surfers, but do remember to keep certain things in mind before you head off to the water with a surfboard in hand.
Ideally, avoid large intake of food before you surf, and keep a duration of 45 minutes after you have had your meal and the time you start surfing. One of the most important rules when you are a beginner is to always take a friend along. This will help you to learn faster, apart from the fun factor.
Before you go water surfing, remember to do a set of warm ups. This will help you to stretch your body completely and prevent any muscle pulls or injuries. Your timing is also important.
The lift of the water that is felt should happen at the same time when you prepare to stand on the surfboard. Perfection and timing will also come with practice.
While traveling through the water, do not push the board with the fin side in front. This can have a dangerous effect in the water.
If you are new to surfing and even new to the area where you are surfing at present, you must make it a point to get as much knowledge as possible from surfers that belong to the particular area.
Mingle around with the locals, as this would give you a better insight to the nature of the surf, and the weather conditions as well. Many people would willingly give you all the know-how about surfing if you approach them with some tact.
Keep in mind that basics of surfing would also need you to consider other surfers who are probably in the same area as you are. Generally, the surfer closest to the wave gets to attempt surfing the same. What you can do is wait for the next one.
If you do fall off the board, use your hands to cover the back of your head. Let your wrists cover the ears. It would be a better idea to go in for a helmet of a reputed brand.
The wax you use for the surfboard is important as all the factors associated with water surfing. The kind of wax you use also depends upon the kind of weather. Use appropriate wax so that you can get a better grip on the surfboard. The wrong kind of wax can make you slip off the board.
The kind of surfboard you invest in will depend upon the kind of waves in the area. Be it longboards or shortboards, pick the right one in consultation with the local surf shop. This will help you to maneuver yourself better through the waves while surfing.
Physical fitness is very important. This will also help you to practice better and perfect yourself in all angles. Being physically fit can help you enjoy this sport without that feeling of exhaustion. Besides, you would also need to have the energy to swim back lest you face any problems while surfing.
Consuming alcohol when you are planning to surf is a huge no-no! This may seem cool to your buddies, but you need to know that being drunk while surfing does not gel in any way whatsoever.
With these basics, you can have a great time riding the waves. No matter what you do, just remember to practice and have fun all the way.