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It's Time to Hit the Road! The Best Adventure Vacations in the US

Best Adventure Vacations in US
If you're looking for some adventure this vacation, these best adventure vacations in US would surely be a treat for you! From driving high to a dive amongst adventures in the ocean, everything awaits you this vacation. Read on to know more about these exotic destinations.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
We all seek for some adventure in life, and what makes us seek this adventure is our human nature, to just for some time, hit the off road. Adventure vacations help us to bring out the wild side in us, which normally is under the wraps in our homes and offices. These vacations help you to embrace life, without any liabilities and commitments in that moment.
This vacation, discover the best adventure vacations in the US, and discover a new 'you'. Adventure in general is very important for us to make our lives interesting and lively. There is always a need to do something that is not done everyday, and this gets us closer to these vacations. Like Helen Keller said, "life is either a great adventure or nothing".
Planning an Adventure Vacation in the US
The definition of adventure varies for all of us. For some, it's nearing the supreme power through meditation, and for some, it's the experience of the adrenaline rush. Whatever maybe our expectations from these adventure vacation ideas, these 5 destinations will surely get you close to them. Let's check out what these best adventure vacations in US.
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon
River rafting through the Grand Canyon can be one of the best adventure vacations for you this year. You must have already heard stories of people going rafting on the Colorado river, which flows through the Grand Canyon.
Man looks at Grand Canyon view standing on the rock
The gigantic beauty of the Canyon makes this not only adventurous but a memory you're bound to cherish your whole life. While you're at the Canyon, you can also check out other adventure sports, such as rafting and paragliding, which are again common at the Grand Canyon. While you're there, make the most out of it!
Scuba Diving, Hawaii
Friendly Turtle
Scuba diving can be an experience in its own, and at the Hawaiian islands, it just gets better! Though there are more than a hundred islands in Hawaii, the ones visited most for scuba diving are Kauai, Oahu, Ni'ihau, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Hawaii (the island) and Kahoolawe.
Young Girl Diver
Avoid the islands of Ni'ihau, Molokai and Lanai if you're a beginner. The marine life at Hawaii is one of the most beautiful in the world. Scuba diving is done extensively at these islands, so you don't have to worry about finding company. You can also visit Mt. Kilauea, globally the most active volcano.
Road Trip on the Pan American
Motorbike on the Pan-American Highway in Per?
Traveling through 14 countries and 2 continents does seem an adventure to live for, doesn't it? If this idea interests you, you might want to make a road trip across the Pan American Highway.
Open Road South Dakota
It starts in Alaska and ends in the southern parts of the South American continent. It isn't a single highway as such, but a network of roads that measures around 30k miles in totality. It is known as the longest motorable road, globally. This can be a great adventure vacation for a group, or just for a couple too.
Death Valley National Park, California
Straight road in the desert of Death Valley
Considered as one of the best family adventure vacations, the Death Valley National Park has many things to offer. The Ubehebe Crater which is 800m deep, and the Zabriskie Point, are two famous places to visit inside the park.
Dante's View and Badwater are other two such places, the former being 5475 feet above sea level, and the latter being 282 feet below sea level. Trained hikers can hike on the Telescope Peak which stands 11,000 feet tall. A visit to the dry lake called Racetrack Playa might even show you the Milky Way at night. The children would love to see that, won't they!
Underwater Volcanoes, Caribbean
There are volcanic fissures in the Caribbean that you can safely visit and see some amazing forms of nature. In Champagne and Dominica, you can witness small bubbles that are released from the sea bed due to these fissures. Most of the Caribbean cruises will take you to a visit here. You might even be lucky enough to witness these through a submarine ride.
Hope these options for best adventure vacations in US did justice to your adventure meter. For those who are tired with day-to-day problems and the various issues life offers, try going for a meditation workshop and learn a few tricks to calm that soul down. After all, there is adventure in doing something that until now you thought you could never do.
These are also great options for adventure vacations for couples who are looking for something more than just romance. Pack your bags and hit the road. A lot of excitement, thrill, and of course some truckload of adventure, is awaiting you. Have Fun!