Best Skis for Beginners

As a beginner, if you are looking to buy a pair of skis that will help you learn skiing better, you just can't go and choose a brand that you heard of. Other important aspects need to be taken into consideration too. Keep reading, to know more...
ThrillSpire Staff
Talk of snow clad mountains, shining gloriously on account of the rays of the sun, and all I can imagine is people zooming off the peaks on skis with elan. Professional skiing apart, snow skiing is great fun. Brushing past those trees, gliding on the snow―nothing can beat the charm skiing has. Sounds great, right? Here's something for all those who want to try their hand at skiing.
Choosing the Best Skis
A lot of factors go into buying and selecting the best skiing equipment, especially for those who are starting out. From the ski type to who is going to use them―a kid, a lady, or a gentleman. It all matters a lot.
XY, XX and Age
The gender and the age of the person who is looking to buy the skis are two very important aspects that need to be considered. To give you an example―if an adult woman is going to ski for the first time, the best skis are those which are lighter and have more flex. For women's skis, the mounting point of the binding is moved forward by one or two inches to counter balance the problem women have of not being able to stay forward and get good control on their turns. Men have a higher center of mass, so their skis are different.
Size it Up
Be it men, women, or kids, choosing the correct size of the skis can be a bit of a challenge. A simple trick to do that is to see what the average skier uses. While the average skier uses skis which come till his or her forehead, the ideal skis are those which are a little shorter, say around the chin to the mouth. In addition to this, a waist width of 70 to 76 mm is generally recommended for newbies. The reason being, they are forgiving and easy to turn with. Controlling it is easier than other boards, as they are more stable.
What's Your Style and Skill
A lot depends on what level and style of skiing you are at. If a kid has never done skiing ever, the best skis are the ones which are recreational, and are green and blue in color. Another aspect is that, if a kid or a teenager has played hockey, or is generally an athlete, then that child can go ahead and develop skiing skills quickly. This applies to best skis for men as well!
Popular Brands
The market is full of different brands as far as skiing equipment is concerned, and one can be spoiled for choice. Noridca Gransport 8, for instance, is one of them. Although, this one will be better suited for those who have got a slight hang of skiing. One of the most forgiving skis is the K2 Apache All-Mountain Saber. It is light and reliable, and works without pushing too hard, just right for those who are starting out. Some more brands are Head iXRC 300, Elan Flow 4.1, Rossignol, and Stockli Rotor 72.
There are other aspects like choosing a shorter ski for an initial run, and perhaps buying a used one, but making sure it fits properly. Whether the features of the skis, like the sidecut or the camber are in tune with your needs, are also important.