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Canoe Trip Packing List

Forgetting to Pack These Canoe Trip Essentials is a Pure Offense!

A canoe trip can be an exciting and refreshing adventure for anyone, though packing for such a trip can become quite difficult at times. So, find out a packing list here.
Chandramita Bora
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018
If you are looking for an exciting adventure, then a canoe trip can be the one for you. However, the success of this trip depends on proper planning, that can help make the trip systematic and enjoyable. So, consider to do some research on the basics of canoe camping, and the best time of the year for such a trip.
You should also collect some preliminary information about the various routes so as to find out the one that is well-traveled by other canoeists. If you are going on a trip for the first time, it is advisable to look for a good travel agent. The next important part of your preparation is packing, which however is the most confusing part. So, here is a packing list for you.
What to Pack for a Canoe Trip?
While packing for a trip, include the needy things that are required for a trip or camping. The weight of the luggage is a major to consider, and so is the available space. Careful and systematic packing help you include all the necessary things, while minimizing the weight and size of your luggage. Spend time to figure out the important things to include.
Clothing and Accessories
While packing your clothes, take into consideration the duration of the trip, as well as the weather conditions. In general, consider the following items.
A long sleeve wrinkled purple shirt
✦ Light weight long sleeve T-shirt
Beautiful men fashion fleece jacket
✦ Fleece jacket
✦ Short sleeve T-shirt (one for each day and two additional)
✦ Long and short pants (quick drying)
Children sneakers
✦ Lightweight sneakers
✦ Wide-brimmed hat
✦ Bandana
New hiking boots
✦ Lightweight hiking boots
Beach accessories
✦ Bathing suits
✦ Slippers
✦ Wool or quick drying socks
Pink jacket isolated
✦ Rain suit or hooded rain jacket
Mature Man Wearing Raincoat And Holding Umbrella
✦ Rain pants
Fighter's gear
✦ Paddling gloves
✦ Undergarments (one for each day and two additional)
✦ Bug shirt
Equipment List
Following are the most important equipment that you will need, if you are going on a canoe trip for a couple of days.
Tent isolated on white background
✦ Tent
✦ Strainer
canoe paddles
✦ Spare paddle
✦ Camera
Camping Gear on Rustic Wooden Boards
✦ Camping gear
Sleeping bag
✦ Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad for camping in any season
✦ Sleeping pad
Transplanting Trowel
✦ Trowel
A plastic zipper bag on a white background
✦ Zip-lock plastic bags
✦ Water bucket (Collapsible)
✦ Water containers
✦ Vinyl ground sheet or ground cloth
Tactical waterproof flashlight
✦ Flashlight
Connected carabiners
✦ Carabiner
✦ Yoke pads
✦ Kitchen knife
Color Image of Vintage Binoculars And/Or Opera Glasses
✦ Mini binoculars
Rubber ring in the swimming pool
✦ Throwable flotation device
Find Your Direction
✦ Maps and charts
Compass on wood
✦ Compass
Red life jacket on boat
✦ Personal flotation device
✦ Dish washing items
✦ Whistle
Men Filtering Water
✦ Water filter
Waterproof bag
✦ Dry bags
Bungee cords
✦ Bungee cords or net
Two knee-pads
✦ Knee pads
✦ Matches or waterproof lighter
✦ Bailer with lanyard
Camping stove
✦ Camp stove and fuel
✦ Canoe float bags
✦ Canoe cart
Drawstring backpack
✦ Rope bag
Other Items
In a canoe trip, you will also need toiletries and a few other items, which are enlisted here.
Sunscreen body care
✦ Sunscreen
✦ Skin lotion
✦ Nail clipper
Dental teeth floss and red apple
✦ Dental floss
Soap nuts and handmade soap
✦ Soap (biodegradable)
✦ Toothpaste and toothbrush
✦ Brush or comb
✦ Contact lens fluid
✦ Small notebook, journal (optional)
✦ Cup, plate, spoon, and fork
✦ Pots and pot lifter
Objects feminine hygiene
✦ Feminine hygiene items
✦ Deodorant
✦ Paper towels
First aid
✦ First aid kit
Still life classic kettle
✦ Spatula
✦ Coffee pot or tea kettle
✦ Shaving kit
Gift box for him
Along with all these items, make sure that you have the permit and the reservation confirmation letter, driver's license, identity proof, mobile, cash, fishing license, and other important documents and their copies before leaving for the trip.
In addition to the listed items here, you may need a few other things while going on a canoe trip. Contact your local canoeing association to get a better idea about how to prepare for such a trip.