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How to Choose Your Bait When Fishing

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Apr 20, 2019
Selecting the right gear and bait are the key to making a fishing venture fun, relaxing and successful. Here are tips on selecting the correct bait, appropriate time, fishing area and making the bait look natural to the fish.
Fishing is a recreational activity that anyone can enjoy at leisure. You do not have to be a master in angling for that. No doubt, successful luring of the fish depends on certain tricks, but it is not always true that only an expertise angler can catch fish.
Hence, it is not unusual that an experienced angler comes home with empty hands. Even if you are a novice angler, with the right fishing gear, lures, and bait, you can get lucky.
Among the several lures used for catching fish, baits remain one of the most preferable choices. On comparison, it has been found that fishing with bait is cheaper than fishing with lures. The size and type of the bait being used may vary on, the type of fish you plan to catch. Let us look at the other factors that contribute to a fruitful fishing trip.
Note the Water Type: Whether you fish in a freshwater body or a saltwater body, you need to select varied types of bait, which is different for each case.
Understand Types of Bait: You will come across a wide variety of bait, but the trick is to select the right type for your venture. It depends entirely on the target fish.
For example, if you are going carp fishing, the bait would include fishmeal-based boilies on a sharp hook, instead of using live worms. Also, check for the local regulations, if there is any kind of restriction on using specific baits in the area.
Select the Correct Bait: Before you buy the bait, also take into consideration the fishing environment. For angling in streams, rivers, and freshwater bodies, worms, crayfish, leeches, minnows, and crickets are ideal bait, while for saltwater fishing, you can select sea worms, crabs, shrimp, squid, eels, and cut baits.
Check the Fishing Time: For catching any type of fish, the correct time also matters a lot. This is because some fish prefer bright sunlight, while some love cool waters with subtle and warm afternoon light.
Accordingly, the former type of fish will gather foods during noon time and the latter will hunt for food late during the afternoon. Hence, set for fishing with bait when your target fish is likely to come out for hunting its prey.
Make the Bait Look Natural: You can locate the fish that you would like to lure in the fishing hook. The most important bait fishing tip is to make the bait appear original to the target fish. So, make sure that you fix the bait in such a way that it is in its natural form. Simply covering the fishing hook entirely with worm will attract the target fish.
Be patient and pull the fishing line gently whenever you hook a fish. Otherwise, the fish may escape with an abrupt shaking of the line.