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How to Carry a Sea Kayak

Foram Mehta Sep 27, 2019
Kayaking is an absolute fun activity, however carrying a sea kayak can be really taxing. Read on to find out how you can carry a kayak with ease.

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Sea kayaking was basically introduced for the sport of paddling in the wild open waters. Sea kayaking can be one of the most exiting adventure sports. However, difficulty in carrying a sea kayak can turn out to be a factor that turns down your enthusiasm for the sport. A few tips you could use when you carry a sea kayak next time.
It could be that you have just bought your own kayak and want to take it home or you want to carry your kayak to some adventure spot or even carrying your kayak from your car till the adventure spot will require skill, strength and vigilance.
A sea kayak is a small boat with covered decks and the covers are flexible. Sea kayaks are used for sea journeys across the globe.
This is because they are comfortable for long journeys and long hours of paddling. Also it can accommodate up to three paddlers. Carrying a sea kayak is difficult considering its weight which would be around 55 pounds (25 kg).
However, its weight would depend on how many paddlers it takes in and what is it made of. Its length is usually around 5.8m. So, carrying this pet is definitely not going to be an easy task. In the process, there is a risk of you injuring yourself or straining your muscles.

Different Ways of Carrying Your Sea Kayak

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Carrying it Alone

If you are carrying a kayak alone, stand facing the cockpit and grasp the cockpit coaming with both your hands.
Now, roll the boat up in a way that the bottom of the hull is resting on your legs. The right posture is to have bent knees and a straight back, while lifting up your kayak and resting it against your thighs.
Now, grasp the other cockpit coaming and rotate the kayak towards you using the rear hand. Now as you are facing the front part of the bow, slowly lower the upper cockpit coaming onto your boat-side shoulder. Use your free hand to steady the boat and keep going.

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Using Two Paddlers

If you have a partner, carrying a kayak becomes very easy. Carry the kayak, where both of you should stand at the opposite end of the kayak grabbing the closest toggle and lift it upwards with both paddlers facing the same side.
Another way is to hold the kayak upside down with your heads at the brim of the cockpit and your hands upwards holding the kayak.

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Carrying on the Car

If, you are carrying a kayak on your car roof, you will need to use a kayak saddle or a roller. You have to attach the saddles and the rollers, on the roof rack cross bars. The saddle needs to be attached to the front of your rack and the rollers to the back of the rack.
The saddle will help in keeping the kayak in place and the rollers will help in loading and unloading your kayak with less effort. All you need do is, load your kayak and fasten it with webbing straps. In case you don't have a roof rack you can use the kayak 'Foam Blocks' and inflatable racks.
✦ Foam Blocks: A foam block can be used in cars that have no roof racks. These blocks are first to be attached to your kayak and it's then strapped to the vehicle. Later you need to tie the bow and the stern of the boat to the bumper of your car. This is the most economical way of transporting your kayak.
✦ Using a Kayak Cart: Using a kayak cart is the easiest option to carry your kayak till your final spot. These carts can easily balance the kayak on it and all you need to do is to drag it as it smoothly rolls over the soft sand.
These carts are very easy to use and install. You can pull a kayak with the help of a cart, by just using one hand. When you are picking your cart make sure you choose a corrosion resistant cart to avoid corrosion by sea water.

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Using a Trailer: Kayak trailers are pretty cool to use too. It has a few advantages over using saddles and rollers. You don't need to now lift your kayak over your head and there is no way your car roof can now get destroyed. Also this can be attached to a two wheeler, if you are not using your car.
Do not carry a kayak on your car without a car roof accessory as this can damage your roof top or the kayak. Learning how to carry a sea kayak plays a vital role in you having fun throughout the adventure. Follow the guidelines mentioned above, enjoy the kayaking and, don't forget to hold your breath!