How to Make a Teepee

Teepees are conical tents which were commonly used by the tribes of the Great Plains. They are usually associated with the Native Americans. The following section gives some methods to build these.
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The native Americans were a nomadic tribe, and hence they needed to build houses that could be easily moved from place to place, which is why they built teepees. These are conical structures which are made from materials like animal skin and wood, and they therefore help keep the elements of nature out and not get spoiled in the process.

Material Required and Procedure
  • Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Wooden or any other poles of over 4 ft.
  • A strong cord
Step #1
Arrange the poles in a cone. First put 3 poles to make a 3D triangle, and then arrange the other sticks around it. Bind all these sticks with the cord.

Step #2
Cut the canvas with the scissor into a semi-circular shape. The idea here is that when the tent is ready, the edges of the semicircle should overlap. Make sure that the semicircular canvas is long enough to enclose an area which 2-3 people can easily occupy, and is tall enough to be hung on the poles.

Step #3
Make the required cuts into the canvas. Make a small cut at the base, which can be your entrance. Do this once the canvas is draped over the sticks so that you know the exact location and size of the cuts. The next cuts to be made are for the smoke flaps on opposite sides. These should be small. The flaps can be kept open by keeping a small wooden stick between it and the opening.

Step #4
Punch holes in the edges of the teepee and run the cord through them so it stays tied up.

Making it Out of Paper
  • 3 twigs
  • Twine
  • Brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Step #1
Lay the foundation, take the twigs, and tie their top using the twine. Now, spread the ends of the twigs apart. This is the outline.

Step #2
Trace the size of the part of the sticks under the twine and measure it. Roughly try and trace the same triangle on the brown paper. Draw three triangles as the tent will have three sides. Cut the brown paper along the outline.

Step #3
Once you form your brown paper pyramid, hold it up against the twig and twine to check if the size is okay. If it is, cut a small portion off the top of the pyramid so that the top of the twine can pass through it. Now, use the glue to stick the edges together.

Step #4
You can also decorate the tent by making some designs on the brown paper cover.

Making a teepee is easy, and can be a fun activity for adults and children alike.
Spilled Glue
red scissor
Twigs and Sticks
Jute rope with knot isolated on black background
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