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Useful Skiing Tips for Beginners

Uttara Manohar Sep 24, 2019

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Skiing is a fun sport and a great way to spend time outdoors in the snow. For those of you who have just started trying this activity out, find some helpful tips here that will help you get started.
Although skiing over the pristine white snow peaks seems like an adventure you cannot wait to begin, you must need to know a few basic rules and tips before getting started. These will ensure that you are well-prepared for the task that lies ahead of you.

Useful Tips for First-timers

This information is about the dress code and the gear that you will need. While trying skiing for the first time, it is always better to rent all the gear rather than buying it. The gear is quite expensive, hence, you would want to make sure that you like the sport before you actually invest money in buying any equipment.
While renting skis, make sure that they are 20 - 30cm shorter than your height. As for the boots, try to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet; the shoes should leave enough room for you toes to move, but your heel shouldn't be able to come off the base.
For the clothes, you should check the weather before you decide to go skiing. Use thermal layered clothing to keep you warm.

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Make sure that the outside layer of your clothing is waterproof and that you have enough pocket space. Wear sunglasses if it is sunny, or goggles for cloudy weather.
Now, once you have got all your gear in place, you need to think about what you are actually going to do while skiing.

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First of all, before you strap your planks on, make sure that you are comfortable in all your gear, especially the boots. Do not, in any case, tuck your pants into the skiing boots. Make sure you pull them over the boots from outside.
The first and the most vital thing to keep in mind is balance. Snow is slippery, hence, you need to balance yourself really well. First of all, use your poles to scrape the snow off the bottom of your boots before you slot them into the bindings on your skis. It is recommended that you try on the skis and take a quick skate to have a feel of them.
Now that you are all set, it is time to get into the actual action. Remember that if you turn your foot to the right, then your ski will also turn to the right. So, just try lifting one foot at a time and turn them first to the right and then to the left. Before you start moving, remember that it is very important to have a good and correct stance.
The appropriate position while skiing is to have your feet shoulder-width apart, your toes pointing inwards, and the heels apart. Now bend your ankles, knees, and hips slightly, and stretch your arms out to feel your weight evenly on the balls of your feet and heels. Try to balance this stance until you start skiing.
It is always recommended that you have a professional guide with you for the first time, before attempting to do this on your own. You could injure yourself or others, so it is best to have the ropes handed down to you in person by someone who knows skiing well.