Check Out These Quick Lip-smacking Snacks for Camping

Snacks for Camping
Camping is a great outdoor activity. When it comes to food, it should be light, easy to make, and filling. The following article gives some suggestions for snacks that can be taken on a camping trip.
ThrillSpire Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Camping is a fun activity that can be taken up together, either as a family or a group of friends. Whether it is to the mountains or to a park, the campfire and special games make it an enjoyable activity. It is difficult to imagine a camping trip without food. During such trips, people usually end up eating twice as much as they normally do, because of which most of us end up carrying a huge basket of food along. If the food takes a long time to be cooked, the activity can get tiresome and boring. Given below are some healthy, easy to prepare snacks which will be enjoyed by everyone.
Egg Sandwiches: Boil some eggs and shell them. Slice them up and add salt and ground pepper. Butter up some slices of bread and make boiled egg sandwiches. These sandwiches can be made very quickly, and are a healthy and tasty snack. You can also substitute the eggs with vegetables.
Burgers: Make vegetable and meat burger patties at home. Take those and some burger buns along with you. Grill the patties or pan fry them on the camp fire. Slice up tomatoes and lettuce and make burgers.
Fruit Basket: You can make a basket of fruits like watermelon, apples, peaches, strawberries, grapes and whichever ones you like. Chop them and pierce a toothpick in each piece. Fruits are very high in nutrition, and eating them with a toothpick will be enjoyed by children. You can also make a dip from yogurt to eat with the fruits.
Eggs: Eggs are the easiest to cook on a camp fire. You can make anything right from sunny side ups to omelets. You can also add some vegetables like capsicum, mushrooms, and broccoli to turn the egg dishes into healthy snacks.
Over the Grill: Pack some vegetables and meat in aluminum foils. Add seasonings like black pepper, cheese, and salt to these. Grill them over the campfire and eat them hot from the foil. This dish is loved by children.
Tortilla Rolls: Make a vegetable dish or meat dish and roll it into the tortillas with some cheese. You can heat the tortillas on the campfire, or eat them cold. If you do not have time to make the vegetables or meat, you could always put some leftovers or sandwich fillings into the tortillas.
Crackers: Take some crackers and add toppings like peanut butter, jam, cheese, or meat on them. These can be eaten hot or cold.
Pancakes: Carry the pancake mix with you, and add the milk and eggs at the campsite. Heat a pan over the campfire and start making the pancakes. The preparation might be slow, but the experience will be enjoyable.
Pizzas: You can make a very easy pizza with bread slices. Butter some bread slices and set aside. Chop vegetables like capsicum, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives. Spread these on the bread slices and sprinkle pepper powder and salt on top. Cover the vegetables with cheese and cook over the camp grill till the bread becomes brown and crunchy. Carry some pizza sauce with you if you can.
Along with this long list of snacks, you can also carry an assortment of foods and drinks. Ensure that you do not complicate the food and that it does not become messy. These snacks will save you cooking time.
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