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Helpful Tips for Snowboarding

Bhakti Satalkar Sep 27, 2019
Snowboarding is nothing less than an adventure, but there are certain safety measures that need to be taken. Here, you will find some tips on snowboarding, which will ensure that you enjoy this sport to the fullest.
Snowboarding means freedom, camaraderie, and pushing yourself to the limits. This sport evolved many decades ago.

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Today, it has, however, become a huge sport. Ski enthusiasts look at snowboarding as an evil against snow skiing. However, this is not the truth, as skiing does still exist as a big adventure and professional sport.

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The level of adventure to which you would want to go to depends on yourself. If you are the kind who likes to a push little harder or live on the edge, then you may want to jump off a 40-foot cliff.

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However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you take your time, and first learn to cruise down bunny hills, before attempting to go down huge hills.

Tips and Techniques to Go Snowboarding

To become a snowboarder, there are some tricks which you will have to master so that you become proficient. Although these tips may sound more apt for beginners, it is recommended that advanced snowboarders also take some time out and examine the basics for themselves, so that they are sure they are indeed doing the right thing.


The most fundamental tip is to choose the right gear. Snowboarding gear is available in a number of sizes.

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 If your snowboard is improper, chances are high that you may trip down the hill and injure yourself. The boards come in all sizes for adults as well as for children, so make sure you get the right fit.

Take a Lesson

While most people think that they can learn the art of snowboarding on their own, it would definitely be better if you took lessons, and you are able to snowboard properly from the very beginning.
This is because, once you have gotten used to the wrong habits, unlearning them becomes a difficult task. At the same time, you will not have to break your bones trying to learn on your own. You can learn on your own, but taking lessons for a couple of hours is the better of the two options.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

It is always good to take baby steps and learn things the right way. Everyone starts off practicing on bunny hills, before they graduate towards the big slopes and hills.

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For the first few days of practice, your body tends to be sore; but don't they say, 'no pain, no gain?' A number of people also do fall off the snowboard during the first few days of practice, but this is normal.

Fall With Grace

Falling is inevitable during the first few days. Hence, learning to fall with grace so that you are not hurt is very important.
Many people suffer from broken wrists because they do not know the right method to protect their body. Although protecting the body with the hands is instinctive, you should make a fist with your hands (to protect the fingers) and distribute the body equally on your elbows and forearms. This will reduce the chances of grave injuries, like broken wrists, etc.

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Heel Edge, Toe Edge, and Linking Turns

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Ample practice of the heel edge, toe edge, and linking turn is required. For safe and correct snowboarding, link your turns with transition from toe edge to heel edge and heel edge to toe edge.
The transition should be done smoothly. For almost everyone, it is hard to feel equally balanced on both the toe and heel edge. It is very natural that one edge will dominate over the other, and you will feel more comfortable on that edge. However, this needs to be worked upon, so you can feel equally balanced on both.
Navigating between trees on a board is a great feeling, which everyone should experience. It certainly does clear the mind of all trivialities of life, and brings pure enjoyment.