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3 Sure-fire Tips on Striped Bass Fishing That You Must Try

Ujwal Deshmukh Mar 17, 2019
If you thought fishing for striped bass was like any other kind of fishing, you were wrong. It is different with its own set of techniques. Read to know facts and become an expert.
Fishing has always been one of the most favorite pastimes and hobbies for many people. Be it a warm sunny morning or a cloudy afternoon, the ones who are really enthusiastic about fishing, just pack their fishing gear and head to the countryside lake for some fun!
For those who take this hobby seriously, fishing actually is a technique in which they gain expertise eventually through their experiences of success and failure. We have addressed fishing as a technique because the method of fishing depends on the type of fish. For instance, fishing for tiny fish is done in a different manner than it is for the larger ones.
Striped bass is a long, and quite a huge fish, found mostly in the coastal areas of the Atlantic ocean, adjoining America, but is not only restricted to this region and is found in other areas as well. It is the most sought after species when it comes to sport fishing, and for this reason has been cultivated in various habitats other than the Atlantic Ocean.

Tips to Ensure The Best Catch

The first thing to know about a striped bass is that it is a creature that flourishes in a group. You would very rarely find one wandering alone. Moreover, it is a great fighter!
It may not fight and struggle to get out of the net, but once it comes up, handling it might become quite a challenging affair for the beginners. Keep these things in mind and read on ahead to make sure you don't leave empty-handed from one of your fishing expeditions.

Tip # 1

What do these fish like to eat? Well, a lot of things, but, to attract them quickly, you can feed them with sardines, anchovies, streamer flies, etc. The best way, however, of luring them is, to use the freshest bait available. Apart from this, live eels and other large sea creatures serve as excellent bait as well.

Tip # 2

Striped bass fish like to swim in flowing, clean, and clear water. They do not prefer muddy, stagnant, or unclear water. You can always find them swimming with their nose pointed towards the water current. So, you can hold your fishing bait in the direction of the water and rest assured, the fish would definitely be attracted towards the bait.
If you intend to catch several fish at a time, then you need to look into clear waters for a group of stripers. If you stumble upon a group, make your way towards them slowly and silently. For if they sense your presence, they might swiftly disappear in deeper waters.

Tip # 3

Generally, fall is the best time to go fishing for a striped bass. The reason to this is that, the temperature of water, especially deeper waters, reduces considerably in winter. Unable to bear the cold, stripers swim up to the shore for the sun and warmth.
But if you are planning to fish for striped bass in summer, then make sure that you always have a depth measurement device with you. This will help you gauge the presence or absence of fish in that area. During the summers, these fish tend to swim into deeper waters.
Before you step out, educate yourself about the habits, preferred habitats, and eating habits of a striped bass. This will make things a lot easier for you. Most importantly be careful at every stage.