Summer Camp Activities

Exciting Camp Activities to Keep Kids Engaged All Summer

Summer is a time when children spend most of their waking hours outdoors. There are many organizations that provide summer camp activities to engage children.
ThrillSpire Staff
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2018
Camping Family
Children always look forward to their summer vacations. There are many themes and ideas for summer camps that children would love to attend. Children from different family backgrounds meet together at such camps.
Two children setting a tent
They learn the process of give and take, and have fun at the same time. Since many of the summer camp activities are team games, the kids understand the basics of teamwork.
A Few Activities
Young explorers in forest
The summer camp coordinator has to have a detailed, day-to-day plan, regarding the various activities in a summer camp. The children, these days, never look forward to simple and ordinary games.
The coordinator would have to plan out the activities depending on the age group of the children, and also on the basis of facilities available in the camp.
Game of Tag
Game of Tag
This game can be played by any number of participants of various age groups. For instance, if the strength is 20, divide the participants into two teams of ten each. This is a very energetic game.
The requirements for this game include 5 pairs of old but clean socks, and 2 pounds of all-purpose flour. The participants of this game should wear black or any dark-colored t-shirts. Fill the socks with ½ cup of multipurpose flour, and tie a knot on the top.
One sock is given to each team. The members of one team have to tag the members of the opposite team by throwing the socks at them. The person who is tagged in last is the winner of the game. The flour that falls on the body could be easily wiped off once the game is over.
Water Balloon Relay
Summer camp activities always include water games. Here is a water game which the participants would enjoy. The requirement includes balloons filled with water. On this activity day, ask the participants to bring along another pair of clothing. The participants have to pick up one water balloon at a time from one end, and race to the finishing point.
They have to sit on the balloon to pop it, and then, race back to the starting point to take another balloon and repeat the process. The one to break maximum number of balloons is the winner. In case, the balloon breaks midway to the finishing line, the participant has to return to the starting point, and start again with a new balloon.
Blanket Ball
One of the most sought-after activity is blanket ball. You need minimum eight participants to play this game. Divide the participants into two teams of four members each. You need two strong bed sheets or blankets. One team has to serve the ball by placing it in the middle of the blanket.
The four members have to hold each corner of the blanket, and toss the ball towards the other team. The opposite team must try to catch the ball in their sheet, and toss it back. The team with the maximum number of catches, becomes the winner.
Boy Crawling Under Net
There are many activities and games enjoyed by the participants. The summer camp co-coordinator must plan different kinds of activities each year. The reason is that children would expect new activities each time they join the camp.