12 Fun and Amazing Things You Should Definitely Do While Camping

Things to do While Camping
Campfire, sizzling bacon, the smell of the woods, and the gurgling sound of a stream flowing deep into the woods, are the best ways to describe camping. If you want to experience independence, self reliance and satisfaction, then camping is the answer. This article lists the various things to do while camping.
ThrillSpire Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Camping is like taking a vacation for a day, overnight, or for the whole weekend. It's the best way to relax and unwind after a long, hard week of work. One gets revitalized in the morning with clear air and dewy surroundings. The clear waters of the nearby lake compel you to go fishing. Camping is a fun and easy outdoor activity. There are many things to do for you and your camping buddies. Some of these ideas are listed below.
Tracking Wildlife
Carry out some basic research using the Internet, books, and asking the region's game warden about the various wild animals found there. You can ask the game warden or someone with experience to help you track the wild animals. You can learn about the animals, like their paw prints, food, home, gait, and scat. You can also try bird watching and learn the names of the birds specific to that region, their nest, eggs, diet, etc. This is a great way to increase and improve your knowledge about animals and birds in the wild and gain first hand experience.
The most pleasurable activity of camping is hiking. Take a walk or ride on your bikes and explore places that you have never ventured out to before. It's a great exercise and team building activity. If you have kids along, then they will love the adventure of hiking. Make up a chant or sing songs to pep up the children.
Botany time
You can study the plants in the area to teach children how to identify the leaves, berries, flowers, and help them in distinguishing between the poisonous and non-poisonous plants and fruits. You can take a book on plants along to help you identify them. It's a fun thing for children to collect plant samples and bring them back to camp. You can teach them to make their own herbarium and they can always use it for their science project.
Knots and Ropes
You can try to learn to make different types of knots and show the kids what you can do with a rope. You can teach the children how to tie different kinds of knots. They will never forget this valuable lesson.
Star Watching
Living in cities, one often misses gazing at the stars. Sleeping under the open sky on camping nights gives you the chance to learn about the different constellations and stars. It's a great game for kids trying to count the number of stars in the sky and identifying the various constellations.
There is nothing more satisfying and appetizing than fishing for your food during camping. You can show off your fishing prowess to your wife, kids, or friends and also try your hand at displaying your culinary skills.
Painting and Poetry
A hidden talent deep inside you can be brought out in the serene environment of the camping ground. Paint the valley, distant mountains, pure morning skies, and the flowers and butterflies. You can express your innermost emotions in poetry, sitting by the lake-side or camp fire. Camping will definitely bring out the hidden artistic streak in you.
Capture each beautiful moment or scene with your camera. Photography can prove to be a mind-boggling hobby during camping. This will freeze all the fun and excitement in the picture and inspire you to go for more camping trips.
Game Time
Try out Truth or Dare, Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, or any game that will bring out the kid in you and be fun-filled for your fellow campers.
Sing your favorite tunes around the campfire. If you or someone in your group plays guitar, it's a perfect combination to bring out the singers hidden inside each one of you.
The tried and tested ghost, adventure, mystery, and thriller stories are one of the many things campers look forward to on their camping trips. Children love the scare and adults love to hide their fear after hearing the fictional stories.
Boat Ride
Many camping sites offer rafts and boats on rent for campers to enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Or you can take along your boat attached to a trailer with your vehicle. The gentle rowing sounds in the calm waters of the lake will help soothe your nerves.
If you enjoy the quiet atmosphere, wilderness, trees, and isolation from the crowded cities, camping is for you. You will get dirty, soaked in dust and mud, and yet you'll love the experience. There is no Internet, cable, or other technological distractions to take away the joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Remember, answer your cell phone only if it's an emergency. Do not plan too many things to do while camping or you'll just rush to complete the tasks without savoring the moments. Family camping is a great way to bond with your spouse and children. You can plan things impromptu and come up with unique ideas to have fun. Relax, unwind, appreciate, and relish the freedom when camping.
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