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Pro Tips for All You First-time Campers That are Worth Knowing

Tips for First-time Campers
Camping outdoors amidst nature can prove to be a wonderful getaway for those who are tired of the daily grind. Here is something that can help you...
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018
One of the most popular outdoor recreational activities has always been camping. This is one such activity that helps us connect with nature, and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. But it would also require loads of preparation in advance.
Those who are having their first brush with camping will need to prepare for a lot of things beforehand. The last thing you would want is to be stranded at a camping site with something amiss!
If You're Camping for the First Time
Clothing is something that might seem tricky to pack, you can never be sure about the weather; it might be too hot during the day and freezing at night! The last thing you would want is the biting cold bothering your toes.
Travel pack
Do ensure that you pack some extra socks, light cotton clothes, and heavy sweaters/jackets, along with a regular pair of shoes (leave the branded ones at home), and even some sturdy hiking boots. After all, you will definitely be moving about the site to explore it.
And just in case you come across a gorgeous lake, don't forget to pack your swimwear! You wouldn't want to regret missing out a dip into the azure waters (unless it's prohibited or polluted). The clothes should be practical and should dry fast. Shorts are always associated with camping, but may look good only in the fashion magazines.
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Whilst you hike in the woods, you wouldn't want to come in close contact with mosquitoes and poison ivy! It is therefore better to stick to lightweight long pants that would cover your skin properly.
Packed food can be a major attraction for animals. Some experts suggest that food should be hung above ground level; special bags are available for the same. The last thing you would want to do is share your dinner with the grizzly bear next door!
cooler filled with foods
Whenever you are planning any excursion, pack some sandwiches, beverages, crackers, and chocolates for those hunger pangs or in between snacks. Frying pans, stove, pots, foils, Ziploc bags, and buckets to wash the dirty dishes are some of the basics you would need to take along.
Camping out would require you to take care of the site as well. After all, this is not a dumping ground, and it belongs to the animals as it does to us. Ensure that you do not play around with fire, and consult the park ranger about starting a fire at the right spot.
Cucumber Melon soap
Keep the camping site clean at all times, and do carry some soap, brooms, and bags to clean up the site once you have finished your task out there.
Avoid feeding any wild animals; observe them from a distance. After all, you do not want to have an encounter with an animal that's having a bad temper.
Animals are better left by themselves; do not try to change their diet with packed and processed foods! Besides, once they get used to being in close contact with humans, it may not always happen that every human would treat the animal in an affectionate manner.
medicine kit
Ensure that you have packed your medicine kit and other knickknacks which may prove to be useful for you.
Camping fire equipment
Whistles, pocketknives, flashlights, rope, binoculars, spare batteries for your cameras, compass, etc., will definitely prove to be a blessing once you are out there in the wild!