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Bull Riding Tips

Very Important Bull Riding Tips for Your First Riding Experience

If you seek excitement and adventure, bull riding is the sport for you. Mastering these tips will help you shed that tag of being an amateur bull rider in relatively less time.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Bull riding is an adventure sport, wherein an individual is expected to mount a bull and stay on it for at least 8 seconds, whilst the animal tries its level best to throw him off its back. Bull riding is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In fact, those 8 seconds wherein the individual rides the bull are considered the most dangerous 8 seconds of his life. Over the last few decades, this sport has gained wide popularity among adventure enthusiasts. More importantly, it is not restricted to a particular age or gender any more.
Bull Riding Rules
As far as scoring is concerned, a rider can achieve a maximum score of 100 for his performance. There are 2 judges, who can give 50 points each; 25 for the riders performance and 25 for the animals performance. In most of the forms of bull riding, the rider is not supposed to touch himself or the animal throughout the performance. Doing so only results in loss of valuable points. Before we move on to tips, you need to understand that bull riding is not the same as horse riding. The two are totally different and the risk involved in former is quite high, considering that you ride an animal which is trying to throw you off its back.
Some Tips for Beginners
Bull riding requires a good amount of flexibility and stamina, and hence, it is important to be in good shape to excel in this sport. Riding an animal that can stomp you to death if you fall off, is not an easy task. Slightest mistake can land you in the soup. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared than be sorry.
Practice does make a man perfect, and when it comes to bull riding, practice becomes all the more important. You should practice on a mechanical bull for a considerable time before you opt to ride a real animal. At least, you have the assurance that the mechanical animal won't stomp you death, even if you goof up in the beginning.
Basic Bull Riding Tips
Go for bull riding only when there are people around to help you if you are in trouble. Fastening the rope around your hand will facilitate a steady grip, which is a must. The gate-man will wait for your signal to open the gate, do so only when you are ready.
Once the bull starts giving jerks, ensure that you move your body in a rhythm with the moment of the bull. This is not just important to hang on to the bull, but also important for your safety. Use your free hand and leg to maintain a proper balance.
Eight seconds is quite a short time, though it may seem to be eternity when you are on the bull. Make sure that you abide by the basic rules. Touching the bull with your free hand or jumping off the bull before the 8 minute buzzer, will automatically call for your disqualification.
Before you jump off the bull, you need to loosen the rope you fastened around your hand, or else there are chances that you will get dragged along with the bull and your bull riding escapade will end on a tragic note. On a safer side, it is wise to jump off the bull only after your hand is free.
All these tips aside, you should never try bull riding on your own. Watching it on your television screen does cause an adrenaline rush, but that doesn't mean you go ahead and try it. You need to understand that it's a dangerous sport, which can even cost you your life, and therefore, you should do it only under professional guidance. Ideally, you can join a bull riding school and take proper training from the scratch. That will ensure that your first ride is enjoyable ... and not the last one.
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