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History of Extreme Sports

Let's Explore the Amazing History of Extreme Sports

Extreme sports comprise sport activities which have an element of adventure. They are popular among those brave ones who crave for thrill and excitement. To know about the history of extreme sports, read on.
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Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Extreme sport is a name given by the media to the activities which involve danger. They often include speed, height, or physical exertion. These activities can be in the form of thrilling stunts. When a sportsperson is at a certain risk while performing that activity, he/she is said to be playing an extreme sport. Many of the extreme sports arouse excitement and serve as a spectacle for many sport enthusiasts. Extreme sports continue to attract the youth of modern times. Youngsters often enjoy participating in extreme sports events and most of us take great interest in watching people perform feats associated with adventure sports. Let us look at how extreme sports evolved.
Studies say that extreme sports evolved as a reaction to the increasingly safe life. As daily life lacks risks, common man feels the need to experience the thrill in risk-taking. Another reason for an increase in the popularity of extreme sports is modern technology. Technological advances have brought about safety devices and sports equipment making various sports, a pleasurable activity. The worldwide spread of extreme sports is attributed to media. Television and movies have been responsible for gaining a widespread participation in extreme sports. People take part in thrilling sports activities for publicity. They get an opportunity to appear on television by participating in extreme sports game shows.
Skating uses an old technology of roller skates, which can be traced back to the 1700s. The crudely designed skates of the olden days underwent a change in their construction. Sturdier designs made possible the use of skates in different extreme sports. Motocross and Downhill Mountain biking came up in the 20th century. After the invention of motorcycles in Germany, bikers began racing motorcycles. In the 1970s, kids took up this idea and bicycle motocross and mountain biking were born. These sports soon became popular.
The extreme sports of today find their roots in the Polynesian leisure activity, which is now called surfing. During the 1970s, the people of Venice and Santa Monica used to surf on skateboards. It began from that time and soon skateboarding became a sport. A study reveals that Hoyle and Diana Schweitzer established a company called Windsurfing International in California in around 1968. Their purpose was to produce and promote a windsurfer design. Accompanied by Jim Drake, an aerospace engineer, they owned the first windsurfing patent. Their design consisted of a surfboard-like board with a triangular sail and booms. Despite refinements in the device used for surfing, the design has remained much the same. Surfing eventually became popular in Europe. The makers of the surfer design continued promoting their design and the sport to different parts of the world. The boost that it received in the 1980s resulted in windsurfing becoming a part of the Olympic games. The popularity of this sport suffered a downfall in the 1990s to again experience a moderate rise in the modern times.
Some extreme sports of the later years emerged as a combination of two or more extreme sports. They required the abilities, which were a blend of those required in each of those two to three extreme sports. One example of this sport is sky surfing. It combines snowboarding and skydiving. Snowboarding itself evolved as a blend of skateboarding and surfing. The extreme sport that experienced parachutists play, includes acrobatics performed in the sky. Here the acrobatic stunts performed on snowboards, are performed in the sky. Whitewater kayaking, bungee jumping, free climbing and wind sailing are some of the extreme sports of today.
Extreme sports are a huge craze today. The psychology behind their popularity seems to be the human nature to take risks for thrill, and the adventure continues to attract masses.
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