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How is Kayaking a Good Exercise for the Body

Yes, Kayaking is Really a Good Exercise for the Body. Find Out How

Kayaking is one of the best ways to stay fit. The following ThrillSpire article tells you why kayaking is such a good exercise.
Sonu S
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
There are several people who hate going to the gym; few of them are just lazy, while others do not like exercising in the confines of a big room. For the latter, kayaking can be a good alternative. Kayaking is so much fun, that you often forget that you are exercising while you are on a kayak. According to me, a good body is the byproduct of kayaking. I say this because, while kayaking, you are so engrossed in paddling, that you seldom realize that some muscle groups are also getting toned!
Why is Kayaking a Good Exercise?
Before I tell you why this sport is good for your body, just picture yourself kayaking, this will make it easier for you to understand the points mentioned below:
Increased Grip Strength
When you kayak, you need to grasp the paddle firmly. If you have a loose grip, you will not be able to kayak. This constant tight grip on the paddle, while kayaking, improves your grip strength to a great extent.
Strong Muscular Arms
Kayaking is one of the best ways to enhance your arm size. You might have seen that experienced kayakers have big and strong arms (especially forearms). When you paddle, your arms are continuously working against the resistance of the water, and hence they develop. The circumference of your arms will increase considerably if you kayak regularly.
Good Shoulders, Chest and Back
When I say "good", I mean broad, strong, and toned! When you kayak, you have to perform the following actions:
  • Paddle
  • Lift
  • Push
  • Twist
All the actions mentioned above have a great impact on your chest, shoulder and your upper back. If you kayak regularly, your upper body size will surely increase, and you will have the body structure that you always dreamed of.
Strengthens the Core
You cannot have a good body, if you do not focus on your core. Instead of spending hours in the gym doing boring exercises to strengthen your core, you can kayak and improve your core strength. The controlled twist of the upper body in kayaking helps to enhance the core strength.
Great for the Heart
Kayaking is one of the most interesting cardiovascular exercises. If you kayak regularly, you do not need to do other cardio exercises in the gym, and you will always have more fun kayaking, rather than running on the treadmill!
Improves Body Composition
If you have a good body composition, you will surely have a fit body. Kayaking helps you burn fat and aids lean muscle development. When the fat content in your body reduces, and your muscle mass increases, your body composition improves.
Enhances Leg Strength
Few of you might think that the legs do not have a role to play while kayaking, but the fact is legs are also used effectively in kayaking. While you are on the kayak, you constantly apply pressure with your legs to maintain stability while paddling. This eventually helps to increase the strength of your legs.
If you are out of shape, and you want to tone your body, and get the tight abs that you always wanted, then you should surely kayak. You are not going to get the desired results, if you kayak once in a year! For the best results, you should kayak regularly.
You might start kayaking with an intention to get in shape, but soon you will realize that there is a lot more to kayaking! It will help you de-stress, and you will surely enjoy every moment spent on the kayak.
Note: A lot of people experience pain in their wrists and lower back after kayaking, so you should take care while you are on a kayak. If you experience any pain, you should visit a doctor at the earliest!
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