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5 Can't-Miss Important Tips While Parasailing

Important Tips while Parasailing
Parasailing gives anyone a feeling of euphoria being a one-of-a-kind experience that the gutsy and not the faint of heart, try out. Let's take a look at how to play it safe in the sky while parasailing.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Parasailing gives you the kind of adrenaline rush that a monster roller coaster ride gives you as it inches its way to the top before dropping over a steep slope. It might scare some people and have them running for the hills, but those who are willing to give parasailing a shot are in for the time of their lives. With so many countries coming up with elaborate theme parks that feature heart stopping rides, parasailing trust me, is probably a safer bet to go with that won't leave you mentally and physically jilted. What's the point if you don't live a little? The important tips while parasailing shouldn't have you frantic and fraught with worry, but prepared to work on some safety guidelines before venturing into this water sport.
Parasailing Safety Precautions for First Timers
Para sailor at beach
To avoid parasailing accidents and other mishaps, it is important to know what to do about a given situation and which company to rely on to take you parasailing. It isn't advisable to send children below the age of 16 to go parasailing, and those who are extremely overweight. It is also wise to be cool, collected and above all fearless when it comes to trying this sport out - freaking out midway is a huge risk taker since anything can go wrong with you jerking about and pulling at the towline while midair. Those in charge of the parasailing equipment and session will know what to do, and how to go about it where you have to be smart enough to spot the cons from the professionals.
Choosing the Right Parasailing Company
Couple booking para sailing ride at Clearwater Marina, Florida
Clearwater marina, Florida
The company has to be reputed and the best in the area, where even those that charge an exorbitant price should be considered and not compromised for your own safety, should you decide to go to someone cheaper. They need to be coast guards with certified licenses that give them the right to perform such a risky sport. Ask around the beach about how the company is when it comes to service and safety measures and find out how long they've been in the business to ensure that they've been practicing this for a long time to be pros now.
Take Note of the Weather and Surrounding Area
Monitoring weather
The weather should ideally be sunny with a good gust of wind that is consistent all day, without cloudy skies or the possibility of an oncoming storm. This can be quite dangerous since the shifting winds can change your direction and prove to be difficult a task to hold you up in the right direction. The area where the parasailing takes place has to be void from rocky terrain and other obstructions like moors or decks, since this can be quite dangerous if you were to meet them midway if the speedboat happens to ride through that territory. It has to be an open ocean with not an obstacle in sight for both you and the speedboat in control of your towline.
Quality of Equipment
Woman para sailing in Nassau, Bahamas
Glance over at the equipment being used as part of the parasailing session and look over at the quality of the things involved before you take a decision to go with the crew. They have to be in good shape and not worn out or on the verge of falling apart. Always opt for those who have top-of-the-line equipment since you shouldn't compromise on your safety if you spot anything that isn't up to par with quality.
Communicating with the Crew
Para sailing at Patong beach
Parachute at Patong beach, Phuket, Thailand
Whoever is involved during the session, ask them for hand signals and the possibility of providing a headpiece with a mic to help communicate with them should anything go wrong. It will help them instruct you on what to do since you'd be too high for them to hear you and vice versa. Ask them to brief you on the rules, since it is important to have all this told to you before you take off. That way both you and the crew are at one with the information given, with no room for a misunderstanding.
For the Fearful and Anxious
Para Sailing in the Bahamas
If you're worried about going up there alone while the speedboat strings you along, you can always suggest if someone can fasten themselves behind you once you take off. A professional strapped to your back will give you peace of mind and will quell your worrisome thoughts, for you're not alone. You could also build up your confidence the next time you try it out, where professional help can be withheld if you're good to go on your own.
These tips will help you clear your mind from worry and doubt, by being equipped with knowledge on how to approach the idea of this sport without throwing caution to the wind. You have been forewarned, where heeding advise from these tips will help you have a good time, and fly safe high above the water with no conflicting thoughts on anything bad happening.