Speed Skating Equipment List

What else do you need apart from skates in speed skating? Well there is a long list. Read the article to get speed skating equipment list which is a very important part of precaution and perfection. Have a look.
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Speed Skating Athlete Equipment
Skating is one of the major recreational activity in the cold regions. These region have very cold winters which result in the freezing of lakes, rivers and other water bodies. This gives a great chance to the people to come out of their houses and have some fun skating on the ice. Ice skate is usually loved by all but some people believe in enjoying it with a great speed. For such people, speed skating sport is the best option. A new turn in the speed skating history came in the year 1916, when this sport was included in the Olympic and later became very popular. But it is not as easy as it seems. Speed skating requires a lot of balance, strength and technique to roll over the ice. This you can achieve after a lot of practice and by following proper precautionary measures. Hence, you can say that having skates is not enough to learn skating, you need to have all necessary equipment for speed skating. Keep reading to know more about it.
List of Equipment for Speed Skating
To start with speed skating you need to have a proper speed skating kit which should have all the necessary equipment. Speed skating is of two types - short track speed skating and long track speed skating. In the short track speed skating, the skaters have to compete with each other whereas in the long track speed skating, the skaters skate in pairs and they have to compete against the clock. You require similar speed skating equipment for both short track speed skating and long track. So let's find these equipment in the following given speed skating equipment list.
✔ Speed Skates
Speed skates are specially designed in order to give maximum support to the skater on ice. The length of the bade is more and the curve in the blade is less as compared to the normal skates. This is done so that the skate makes proper contact with the ice which reduces the possibility of accidents. There is a type of speed skate which is known as clap skate. This skate has a hinge joint and is connected from the toe and open from the heel. This improves the grip and also gives power to the skater. So you can get any of the two options available.
✔ Hard Shell Helmet
Helmet is one of the most important equipment in the speed skating as there are maximum number of head injuries. You need to buy a helmet which has a hard shell, bicycle and hockey helmets will also work. If possible, get the one which is without face cage. Helmet is a compulsory equipment.
✔ Eye Protection
You need to have eye glasses which will protect your eye from wind and ice chips. They must have a head strap attached to them as it will keep the glasses at one place.
✔ Knee and Shin Pads
Knee injury is also quite common and can be very dangerous hence, knee pads are also compulsory. You can get volleyball style knee pads. Shin pads are worn under the clothes. Do not buy soft shin pads or hockey shin pads. Hard plastic soccer shin pads will be fine.
✔ Cut Resistant Gloves
You need to have gloves which can protect you from cuts and other hand injuries. Padded ski gloves and leather gloves are considered to be the best. Cotton, nylon and wool gloves are totally not acceptable.
✔ Bib Style Neck Guard
Getting a jerk in the neck at the time of falling can be very danger. To protect your neck from any such injury, get a neck protector which must cover your neck as well as upper chest area. It should also be cut resistant.
✔ Elbow Pads
Elbow pad is necessary in case of beginners as they tend to fall on their elbows. Experienced skaters may not need this equipment. Hockey elbow pads or rollerblading elbow pads will also do.
✔ Clothing
Good and proper clothes will help you a lot in learning and performing this sports. Get warm and stretchy clothing preferably of lycra material. Long sleeves are mandatory. Nylon wind pants keep the skater dry. Do not wear any loose clothes as they can get stuck with the skates. In competitions full skin suits are worn to get complete protection from the icy wind.
✔ Optional Equipment
Wrist guard, protective undergarments which are worn inside the skin suit and calf protector are some of the optional equipment for speed skating.
These were the important speed skating equipment which are mandatory for the skaters. They protect you from serious injuries which keeps your self-confidence high and helps you to perform better. So, if you have started practicing speed skating or are looking forward to it then get the above mentioned equipment from your nearest sports shop.