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Road Bikes for Women

Road Bikes for Women

Whether you are a fitness freak or plan to go eco-friendly, you have a countless number of options for road bikes to choose from. So, before you plan to zero down to the best, take a look at the reviews. Keep reading.
Divya Bichu
Firstly, if you have decided to buy a road bike, let me congratulate you! Well, this is because you are being kind to the environment and soon would be proud members in contributing to create a greener environment. Moving ahead, before you go in for a bicycle, first identify your need, such as whether you need it for commuting to nearby distances, adventure, a part of your work regime or whatever the reason may be. Once you arrive at your basic need for the road bike, then go into the small details like the frame size (this is important, since too small frames can increase the risk of knee injuries whereas too large can be uncomfortable, so it has to be just right to suit your body frame), drop bar handles or flat bar handles, light weight, its efficiency and the technology employed. Don't forget the budget! Now, experts say that you should be ready to spend at least $500 dollars; since, anything lesser than that would not probably be the best. There are a range of road bikes to select from, however it is important to choose the correct one that fits a woman perfectly. This is because women usually tend to have a shorter torso and longer legs than men of the same height and so does the arm size vary. Moreover, the strength of the back needs to be considered too. Therefore, you have to find the best road bike that suits your body type and gives you a comfortable ride.
Best Road Bikes for Women
Orbea Aqua T105
Description: Aqua frame is made of aluminum and comes in with a range of different assemblies and components.
Weight: 16lbs
Design: Light weighted, superb appearance and comes in four different colors.
Usage: Sports, work out or leisure.
Price: $1500

Specialized Amira Expert
Description: Compliant shell technology and a fantastic wheel set that delivers optimal power with each stroke of the pedal for maximum speed.
Weight: 17lbs
Design: Compact frame set that is specifically designed for women for a comfortable ride.
Usage: Racing and leisure.
Price: $3000

Bianchi Infinito Ultegra
Description: Bianchi does not need any introduction, it employs unique technologies like BAT and K-VID in making bicycles, that reduce fatigue and improve performance.
Weight: 15lbs
Design: The geometry of this bicycle is unique with a taller head tube that allows a relaxed riding posture and improves stability. It is available in green and red.
Usage: Long urban rides and recreation.
Price: $2000

JAGUAR/JETTA Beach Cruiser
Description: It has a 20 inch high tensile steel frame set, stainless steel spokes, coaster brakes and white wall tires.
Weight: 15lbs
Design: Super stylish and comes in five pretty colors.
Usage: Recreation and urban use.
Price: $500

Terry Isis Pro
Description: It claims to be the lightest, stiffest and best riding budget road bike. The frame design is engineered for high performance and comfort.
Weight: 18lbs
Design: The design of the bicycle is such that it efficiently employs your energy into speed. Its appearance is super chick, just well suited for a woman.
Usage: Racing, adventure and recreation.
Price: $3000

Scott Contessa CR1 Pro
Description: Scott has a strong carbon frame and was redesigned in 2010 for a fast and smooth riding experience.
Weight: 16.08lbs
Design: Aerobar shaped and comes in 4 sizes and two different colors (silver/black).
Usage: Racing and club rides.
Price: $2000

Trek 7.3 FX WSD
Description: FX is light weighted, agile and a versatile bike. Its hyroformed frame makes riding an absolute pleasure.
Weight: 16lbs
Design: Its size and geometry are perfectly designed to meet your individual needs. Trek is available in 4 sizes.
Usage: Fitness, recreation, trekking and long rides.
Price: $700

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned above may vary according to location and offers available.
So, now you have the right guide to some of the best road bikes for women, make sure the bicycle fits you and your needs right. Make up your mind, get a new road bike and head on, making a healthy as well as environmental friendly choice. Don't forget to wear your headgear.