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Top 10 Places to Go Parasailing

Top 10 Places to Go Parasailing
Parasailing is a seaside adventure and recreational sport, and is popular all over the world. Read on, to know some of the best destinations for this adventure sport.
Tanmay Tikekar
Did You Know?
Parasailing first emerged as a distinct sport in the 1960s. Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne built the first 'ascending-gliding' parachute in 1961.
Happy Family Parasailing
Parasailing is an adventurous, fun-filled pursuit, primarily performed in a recreational manner. Though competitions do exist, it is essentially a joyride, taken solely to enjoy the vistas on offer from high up. Obviously, the best destinations to explore parasailing as an adventure sport are seaside towns, which will offer you a bird's-eye view of the coastal settlements as you are whisked along on a wave of excitement. The more attractive the vista, the more pleasurable the experience.

Keeping that in mind, here are some stunning places where parasailing is a much-desired activity.
Best Parasailing Destinations in the World
Miami Florida Skyline
The state of Florida is home to countless fantastic parasailing destinations, but Miami takes the cake thanks to its beautiful skyline. Enjoy the view of the famous skyline used in several movies and TV shows, as you float at a height of 400 feet. There are several parasailing facilities in Miami, including one near the Miami Seaquarium, one on Dodge Island, and several in Miami Beach.
Key West
Key West
Another of Florida's parasailing hotspots, Key West, just like Miami, offers stunning views of the sea and the cityscape. Smathers Beach and the Key West Bight, situated on the southern and northern coasts of Key West, respectively, are the best destinations for parasailing enthusiasts. Tandem trips cost from USD 29 to USD 49 according to the time of the day; the rates are the lowest in the morning. For a fun day out at the beach, Key West is the perfect destination!
Ipanema Beach
Rio de Janeiro's iconic beach offers a view of some wildly popular places from some wild angles. You can see the Sugarloaf Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and even catch a glimpse of the MaracanĂŁ stadium. The colorful view of Rio is really worth every cent.
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town is primarily renowned for its paragliding opportunities from Table Mountain, but parasailing in its neighboring waters is equally thrilling. Cape Town's astounding cityscape and mountainous, yet coastal, location combine to provide a splendid view from high above. Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town's western region is the prime location for parasailing trips, and solo and tandem trips will cost you approx. USD 50 and USD 60, respectively.
Goa beach
Probably the most well-known Indian tourist hotspot after the Taj Mahal, Goa's stunning beaches and nightlife attracts thousands of foreign and domestic visitors. Its beaches, such as Calangute, Baga, and Anjuna, are excellent places to parasail, and Goa's charming and eloquent towns are excellent places to relax and explore. Parasailing here, would cost around USD 25, usually even lower than that.
Sydney Harbor
Sydney Harbor
Who can resist the temptation of seeing the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge from above? Seeing these two buildings is amazing enough at ground level, but from 400-500 feet up―mindblowing! Parasailing avenues are open at Manly Wharf, in Manly Cove, at prices starting from AUD 65 if you are going in a group of 8 or more. Solo trips cost about AUD 95.
Kerala sunset
Termed as "God's Own Country" due to its astounding natural beauty, Kerala is home to several aquatic activities. Kovalam and Alappuzha are the main centers of parasailing, with the depreciation of the Indian Rupee allowing foreign nationals to enjoy this activity for as little as USD 30-40.
Great Lakes
Great Lake
No, you won't actually be seeing the lakes from that high up, but the Great Lakes have always been a famous tourist attraction, and make for fantastic parasailing vacation spots. Throw in a drive through scenic Michigan or Wisconsin, and you have something that nobody would want to miss. Almost every lakeside city in these two states has parasailing facilities. Mackinaw City is arguably the best bet, with parasailing trips held on the eastern lake shore of the City for about USD 70 for solo trips.
Hawaii beach
The archipelago of Hawaii is probably the most famous beach destination in the world, and for good reason. It is a veritable treasure trove of scenic locations, crystal-clear waters, and fantastic beaches. It is a great hub of various aquatic activities. Most islands have this facility, but the ones on the Big Island, Honolulu, and Maui are particularly popular. But having soared the heights, don't forget to plumb the depths and go diving right afterwards!
Phuket view
One of the recently popularized seaside vacation hotspots, Phuket is perfect for the weary traveler looking to relax and the water-loving thrill seeker looking to conquer the clear, blue waters. Parasailing is, surprisingly, not that popular here, but there are numerous options for those who want to try it. Patong Beach is the best bet, with rides costing between USD 25-40.
Disclaimer: The prices mentioned above are subject to change according to location and offers.
These were the best places to explore this thrilling activity. Just take all the necessary precautions, and don't forget to take lots of photos!