Best Entry-Level Mountain Bike

Providing the rider with a certain minimum level of quality at a reasonable price is an important trait of entry-level mountain bikes. With this basic understanding, choose a suitable bike for yourselves.
Today, there are a variety of mountain bikes available with prices ranging from few hundred dollars to even thousands. In order to choose a good low-priced mountain bike, you should first set your priorities and parameters upon which you can select a good bike. Bikes are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of different types of riders. It is important to choose a bike that best suits your needs. Understanding the specific needs is important because one would not want to overspend on entry-level bikes. Bikes with a higher price offer greater comfort levels and also make it smoother for the rider to shift gears. All these and other advantages come at a greater price than other models/products.

Buying an Entry-level Mountain Bike

Trek 3900

The Trek 3900, a hardtail bike with an aluminum frame is a good trek bicycle. However, this model is designed for off-road use, i.e. on gravel trails and dirt tracks; it is not meant for a rugged terrain. Also, it is not advisable to use it for jumps. The smooth shifting gear pattern and rigid frame of this bike are its plus points. One should however spend a little amount in order to upgrade its disc brakes. The 'Trek 3900' is priced at an economical $480, which makes it quite inexpensive.

Gary Fisher Tarpon

It is one of the best entry-level bikes for mountain and other rough terrains. Gary Fisher Tarpon comes with a lifetime warranty. The 100 mm suspension of this bike makes it especially suitable for riding on mountain terrains. This bike is priced at somewhere around $460.

Felt Q520

The notable features of this bike are its 100 mm suspension fork and disc brakes. It has a strong body and also offers great levels of comfort. The approximate price of Felt Q520 is $470.

Specialized Hardrock

The specialized hardrock bikes are priced around $500 and possess a strong frame. The riding position too is very comfortable.

Kona Kula

The Kona Kula is a hardtail bike which costs around $1,300. This bike has a frame that weighs 26 pounds. Kona Kula was introduced in the market about 10 years ago. It is mostly used for cross-country.

Before buying a mountain bike, think about your specific requirements, purpose of purchasing the bike, and also the budget. One should decide whether he wants a bike for weekend riding, off-road mountain biking or both. For the entry-level biker, a 24 speed aluminum bike should prove to be ideal. Price range for these bikes is between $600 and $800. However, bikes with a price lesser than $600-$800 can be found in the market. Woodstock, Fezzari and Ibex bikes are considered ideal for entry-level. The price range of under $500 makes these bikes ideal for entry-level buyers.

Traits of an Ideal Mountain Bike
Mountain bike is basically a type of bicycle used for off-road cycling on steep declines, logging roads, dirt trails and other unpaved paths. People started using these bikes with the introduction of sport of mountain biking in 1970s. Nowadays, many different mountain bikes have evolved out of the original ones. These bikes are used in different sport competitions such as cross-country, free-ride biking, endurance biking and downhill mountain biking. The four different types of mountain bikes are hardtail, fully rigid, soft tail and the full suspension. The hardtail bikes don't have a rear suspension, but possess a suspension fork in the front. The fully rigid type of bikes don't have a suspension at all. Soft tail bikes have a little bit of rear suspension which is activated by the flex and not the pivots. Full suspension bikes offer more comfort than any other type. It is necessary to understand that bikes with suspension though offer comfort while riding, the hardtails are still considered to be the best. This is because the hardtail models can endure rough terrain in a far better manner than those with suspension. Weight and position are the crucial factors to be considered while choosing a bike. An ideal mountain bike should have a forward leaning body. The bike should be light in weight and must give the same riding experience, both uphill and downhill.

To buy a specialized bike in the beginning itself would not be a smart thing to do. An entry-level mountain bike would allow you to understand your interests as to which type of biking you want to practice. The different types of mountain biking activities have specialized requirements. An entry-level bike therefore, serves as a tool to experiment with and then proceed further.