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Best Pocket Knife

Best Pocket Knife

Mentioned in this article are 5 top pocket knife and useful tips on selecting the best pocket-sized knife.
Pragya T
The best pocket knife for a person depends upon what kind of utility the person is looking for out of the knife. There are many knife brands in the world, and every brand makes excellent types of pocket knives. There are Kershaw knives which are very affordable, and there are Victorinox multi-utility beautifully-designed knives too. However, the basic question to ask is what kind of knife you need, and what is the best knife among them. Here are some pointers that will help you...

Shopping Tips

First of all think what kind of utility you are looking for. Are you looking for a simple folding knife, which you are going to be using only as a knife? Or do you want additional features in it? Are you looking for a set of features in your knife, that you will be needing? Also, are you looking for some special knife blade type? For example, if you want a pocket knife for gardening purpose then choose a knife that comes with a folding knife which has pruning blade, a wire stripper, a wood saw, a reamer, and importantly a large blade. If you will be using the knife for camping, then consider a folding knife which is loaded with features like two blades, nail filer, scissor, toothpick, and other tools like a magnifier, a compass, thermometer, etc.

Other things you need to keep in mind is what kind of brand the knife is from. Is it a reputed one? Select from the best brands in the world. Also, look for the warranty the knife comes with. Many times one gets lifetime warranty with the blades, sometimes it is limited. Also, check if you are getting a better deal elsewhere. Are you getting some knife sharpening equipment with the knife for a discounted price. Also, for good knife care you will be provided with a quality pouch, which many times has a strap that you can attach to your belt. Here are 5 best pocket knives, that you can consider.

Top 5 Choices

Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife by Victorinox: This is one of the best pocket-sized knife in the world, and it comes below twenty bucks. And it has all the basic features a knife should have. It comes with a blade, tweezers, scissors, nail filers, screwdriver, toothpick, and a keyring. Also, it is available in many colors.

Spyderco Caly 3: This is one of the best knife, which is perfect for everyday purpose. It has a very thin blade and helps to slice very neatly. Also, the blade doesn't rust. It is priced around USD 100.

Kershaw Chive 1600 Series: This blade is the smallest pocket knife made by Kershaw, and one of the best folding knife. But, if you have big hands then go with other larger Kershaw knives. This is a small knife and comes in various shades.

Swiss Army Knife Traveler Set by Victorinox: This Swiss army knife according to me is the best pocket knife, it is loaded with features, plus it is quite affordable. It has got 19 implements and a lifetime guarantee on the blade. It comes with two blades, screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, wire stripper, etc. And it comes with a cute Maglite flashlight. Also, it comes with a pouch and a scale on which there is a magnifier, compass, and thermometer. It is priced around USD 112.

Leatherman Steens Fixed Blade Hunting Knife: This is another great brand when it comes to pocket knives. This is an unusual knife, but has really good features. It has a full-size gut hook. It also includes a large bone saw. It has a stainless steel blade. Also, it comes with a good leather sheath.

So, pick a pocket knife which meets you needs, and stick with a quality brand, so that you can use it for many years. You might also want to buy a knife sharpener to keep your knife blades sharp.