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Camping Checklist - Essentials for Camping

Camping Checklist: Essentials for Camping That You Must Pack

Camping checklist essentials, are a must when you are planning to go hiking or camping. Such a checklist is a ready reckoner for you to keep stock of the things you have packed and things you need to pack. It is a very good practice as then you are not stuck up in an emergency for the lack of a particular thing. In case you are going camping, here is what you might want to know.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Proper planning ensures a thrilling camping experience, and why not? It's not something you do everyday, do you? Generally, camping is fun, but things can go horribly wrong if you miss out on essentials for camping, or perhaps, you are skeptical about what is essential and what is not. Therefore, it is imperative to enlist camping checklist essentials. The following text will tell you what all you need for a smooth camping endeavor.

Camping Essentials - Checklist

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Sleeping bags
Air bed
Roll mats
Personal medication
Medical tape
Sterile gauze
Elastic wrap
Antibiotic wipes
Antiseptic cream
Burn ointment
Sunburn lotion
Hydrogen peroxide
Eye wash
Snakebite kit
Painkiller tablets
Insect repellant
Camp stove
Mess kit
Can opener
Bottle opener
Camping food
Coffee pot
Dish towel
Ice, Ice chest
Paper plates
Paper plates
Plastic cutlery
Plastic cutlery
Trash bags
Measuring cup
Serving spoons
Pot holder
Pots, Pans
Storage containers
Ziploc bags
Paper towels
Paper towels
Folding table
Dutch oven
Table cloth
Bug spray
Playing cards
Cell phone
Clothe's pins
Duct tape
Fishing gear
Pen and paper
Sun block
Soap and shampoo
Sanitary napkins
Toilet paper

Shelter and Allied Things: If you are going on a nature camp or jungle trail, shelter is the most important thing. For protection against rain, cold weather and such, you need shelter, for example a tent. Moreover, you cannot just lie down on the ground, so there are other things you need which are an important part of the camping gear, be it any kind of camp. Other shelter essentials include sleeping bags, roll mats, pillows, etc.

Safety Comes First: A first aid kit is an extremely crucial aspect of a camping expedition, and is one of the basics of camping essentials. Injuries, medical emergencies, etc. do not come with a warning. So, in order to deal with any mishap, it is necessary to have a first aid kit or first aid box. This is specifically required when it comes to camping with kids. Checklist will make sure that you are well equipped with emergency safety measures in case the kids undergo an injury. That is, of course, very plausible. In addition to the emergency factor, if there are elderly or middle-aged people or any person of the group who has to take some daily medicines, one would also need to carry them. For example, bandages, ointments, scissors, sanitary napkins, etc.

Gourmet Gaging:Even if it is not either a do or die or a exaggeratively adventurous situation, cooking outside could be real fun. Hence, one needs a camping food checklist. The smell emanating could be a real tickler for your taste buds and gastronomic senses. Further, while camping you would obviously not expect anything fancy, right? Therefore what you need essentially is water, raw foodstuff, charcoal, and a can opener, for starters. In addition to this, you can also carry things like hot dog sticks, folding table and chairs, pie irons and few more things. If it is a trailer camping checklist you need, you might as well carry these things to have complete 'similar to home' kind of an experience! Allied to this is the chuck box, where in you have pots, pans, plates, plastic glasses, napkins, trash bags and so on. You could also include cork screws, aluminum foils and stuff like that.

Clean Scene: By clean scene, I am making an allusion to things which you would need for cleaning the kitchen things or generally for personal hygiene like soaps, detergents, brush and so on. You would not want to get up on the first day of the camp saying 'Gosh I do not have my brush'. How bad that would be. Hence, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, razor, towel, etc. are what you can carry for personal hygiene.

11th Hour Things (Miscellaneous): These are the things which you do not write in the essentials for camping. But seasoned campaigners surely remember to take them. If not that, it would strike you to carry things like camera, binoculars and things like that, once you start packing and think about the venue and what you would do there. So, these are those kind of impromptu things which you realize you have missed out only when you are almost done with the packing according to your checklist. Binoculars, Camera, GPS, compass, etc. come in this category.

These are generally the things you would need for a hassle free camping tour. Other than this, it could be anything you think of as important for you, like may be your iPod can be a part of your essentials. A printable camping checklist like this one, is what you need. It is a better option if you do not want to write down the essentials for camping.
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