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Easy Ways to Remove Wax from a Surfboard
Surfboard wax helps in creating a non-slip surface for surfers. Eventually, the wax attracts a lot of sand and dirt making it look dingy. It is quite necessary to remove the wax and put a new coat for a good grip. Get to know some easy ways to remove wax from a surfboard.
Neha Deshpande
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Keep Note
Use cold water wax if you are surfing in cold water and hot water wax if it is on warmer water for effective results and grip.
You might have admired the jazzy look of your surfboard when you bought it for the first time. Nevertheless, you discovered it on the first day of your surfing class that the board is no longer going to retain that shine, as it will be wrapped under several layers of wax. The purpose of this wax is to provide more grip to your feet and hands while you surf. However, the effectiveness of this old wax ceases, and you need to apply a new coat.

Removing this old wax seems to be a time-consuming and grubby job, but there are some effective ways given in this ThrillSpire article that will help you in getting rid of those wax layers.
How to Remove Surfboard Wax
Soften the Wax
Surfboard on beach
✦ Put your surfboard under direct sunlight for 20 minutes or so on a warm day, which will make the wax a bit gooey, thus making its removal easy.
✦ If the weather is not sunny, then you can pour some hot water on your board to soften the wax. Do not pour boiling water as it may ruin your board.
✦ You can also use a hair dryer to generate heat on a winter day, but be cautious as excessive heat of the dryer can destroy your board.
Scrape the Wax Off
Surfer scraping wax
✦ Once the wax has softened, use an old credit card, or a similar object and scrape it off the board. It will help you remove huge chunks of wax easily.
✦ You can also use the other side of a wax comb, which has a straight edge, to remove the wax off the board.
✦ One easy way is to spread some beach sand onto it and rub the board. The deck will be left wax-free and smooth.
The Final Cleanup
Young surfer
✦ You can use a cloth to remove the remaining bits of wax, but it might get a bit messy. You can combine it with pure coconut oil to make it easy.
✦ You can also use plain flour or the self-raising one -- whichever you have at home -- and spread it all over. Disperse the flour properly to get a wax-free shiny look.
✦ Dab a paper towel or a rag in acetone or various other solvents that are available in the market, and rub it over the board, which will remove bits of the residual wax.
Precautions to be Taken
➤ Keep your board on a soft and firm surface to avoid snapping while removing the wax, and remove the fins to be more careful.

➤ Do not use any kind of metal piece to clean your surfboard; it will not only ruin the paint job but can destroy your board as well.

➤ If you are using any solvent to clean the wax, make sure it is the one that suits your board before you risk using it on your board.

➤ Make sure you do all the cleaning work outside your house as the wax can cling to your rags and furniture, and it's a difficult job to remove that.
Clean your surfboard regularly to maintain the grip while surfing. You can apply a new coat when you are heading inside water, so that you won't slip. Happy surfing!
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