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Longboarding Tricks

5 Really Easy Longboarding Tricks That Anyone Can Perform

A longboard is a type of skateboard which is wider than the regular skateboard. This article contains various tricks in longboarding.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Longboarding is also defined as 'surfing on the concrete'. It has big wheels and a thin board that makes cruising on the concrete similar to surfing on the waves. Riders use these large boards during competitions to achieve a position as they are steadier and provide higher stability. The heaviness in the boards prove to be a boon for those who want to acquire a greater roll when pushed. Racing down steep slopes and hills requires riders to wear protection gear which involves a helmet, a knee pad, gloves, ankle braces, and elbow guards. Slide gloves are worn by some riders, as this aids in carving slopes sharply. A skateboarding kit consists of trucks, decks, wheels, and bearings.
Tricks on the Longboard
Slalom - Slalom is a trick that lets you move between obstructions using steep turns and curves. Initially, you can place obstacles far apart to begin with. Gradually, as you get acquainted with the movements, move them closer and try your stance.
Pumping - This technique is used by the rider to maintain speed without having to put his legs on the concrete or any other surface. In this act, the rider bends his/her knees in the direction of the curve, so as to maintain the speed.
Dancing - Dancing is one among the many tricks where the rider shifts up and down the board. This movement is utilized to keep a tab on your speed and regulate the direction of the board. A simple strategy is to stand near the back of the board to make it speed up, and standing near the front end of the board to slow it down.
Hang Ten - Hang ten is one of the trickiest, where the surfer places all his ten toes on the front end of the board, and the rear end is raised up in the air.
Downhill - In this act, riders ride down the hill as fast as they can and try to keep the board under control. Riders can use the knees to control and avoid themselves from trembling.
Useful Tips
  • Try to avoid its use during the rainy season. The board will soak in the moisture, and start to feel moist and damp, thus, not being fit for use.
  • Longboards race faster than skateboards, with lesser effort. To continue with this efficiency, make sure to 'service' the wheels and ensure that the bearings are muck-free.
  • Wearing a helmet, gloves, and a complete riding gear will help you ride safe and enjoy your ride. The speed may take over and you may feel totally out-of-control. To avoid sustaining injuries, it is better to stay protected rather than show-off and fall into pits of pain!
A craving for speed and a ride of comfort could be coupled together with longboarding.
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woman driving skateboard
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