Travel Sheet Reviews

While traveling you need something to sleep on, or wrap yourself with. And this is when a travel sheet proves to be a useful item. We have provided you some brands of travel sheets and their specifications. Read on...
ThrillSpire Staff
A travel sheet is one of those essentials that must be present in your bag while traveling. It offers you the much-needed comfort while traveling in trains or while sleeping on those small-sized beds, especially at hostels. You can carry them easily and take utmost pleasure in sleeping with it. Travel sheets are versatile, light and you can fold them in any direction. The cotton and silken sheets allows you to snug cozily and you feel not a little bit of inclination to separate yourself form it.
So how would you buy a travel sheet? How would you judge the quality? These are definitely some important factors to consider. Although color and design remain in your priority, you should consider the quality and the material with which it is built. The fabric must be washable at home and it should dry completely. Also make sure that they are fit for using in the rains as well.
Cocoon Cotton Travel Sheet
As the name suggests, the travel sheets are manufactured from a very fine quality cotton that renders it soft and light weight. The sheets are considerably big and you can sleep on it or wrap yourself quite comfortably. You can either perform a hand wash or a machine wash on it. The sheets create a 'natural vapor balance', which allows your skin to breathe freely. The fabric being light, dries quickly. Due to all these advantages, you can use it at hostels or while traveling. You can look for this product, Cocoon Cotton Travel Sheet Natural CT13, over Internet shopping portals.
Design Salt Cotton Travel Sheet
This travel sheet from Design Salt is highly preferred by people who travel frequently. The flannel sheets are light and do not occupy much space in your baggage. You can fold the Mummy Liners and pack them easily inside your travel bag. It comes in a wide range of colors, like blue, green, brown, etc. The Egyptian Cotton Sleep Sheet is an exotic product. The comfort and warmth it provides comes from Egyptian cotton. The sheets are utterly soft, durable and cozy, thereby allowing you to sleep merrily.
Rick Steves Silk Travel Sheet
As the name suggests, this product is made up of 100% silk. The cute and contemporary designs make it a wonderful buy. Apart from silk, the sheets are also blended with cotton, which keeps your body warm while sleeping. It contains an inbuilt pillow pocket and you can stuff your pillow in that. The silk travel sheet can be hand washed and dried in the sun. The sheets being made up of silk have a glossy texture, which is much-loved by the female folk. You can opt for cool hues like bright purple, navy blue and green. You can also look for microfiber sheets, which are also convenient for traveling.
Hammock Bliss Sleeping Sheet
This sheet is useful for dorms and travelers. It provides warmth, comfort and luxury while you sleep. It's free from chemicals and the material doesn't cause any kind of itching or irritation on wrapping. It softens after each wash and you can feel the gentle touch of the silk on your body. The purple color is highly popular as it looks chic, bright and attractive. You can fold the sheet in any ways without worrying about distortion of its shape.
Other than these, you can also look for Liberty Mountain and Premium Silk Travel Liner. Always go through the reviews and opinions of customers, compare the prices from different sources and then proceed to buy a travel sheet.