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Things to Do While Hiking

Fun Things to Do While Hiking to Make it a Memorable Experience

Summers are here and this is the time to go hiking in the woody countryside! Read about various things to do while hiking from the following article.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast.
~ Paul Scott Mowrer
You know what, no matter how much the world laments the dwindling of natural landscapes and not-so-gradual fading away of woodlands and forests, the fact is that there still remain such niches in Mother Nature's cosmic garden where one can give in to the delights of carefree escapades and indulge in some wholesome introspection and deep contemplation. However, given Creation's never-ending fascination with economics, we're always faced with a situation of scarcity and choice. You see, in these times when the proverbial rat race is being run at its peak speed, time is scarce and the choice of natural escapades is limited thanks to humanity's own avarice laden misdoings.
However, another economic peculiarity about scarcity and limited choice is the fact that the scarcer an object, the greater its value. Perhaps this is the reason why more people, nowadays, can be seen making efforts to get closer to Nature at every viable opportunity. Hiking or camping has always been a popular way of refreshing and relaxing in the lap of Nature with family and friends and these days, the trend seems to be anything but decreasing! So, while out hiking in the mountains or woods, what are some of the things you can do to make your trek more interesting and more enjoyable? Read right ahead for some hiking activity ideas!
Fun Hiking Activities
Hiking is not just about giving your legs some much-needed momentum. You can plan a lot of interesting and fun activities that you can indulge in while out in the wilderness. Here are some ideas on things to do while hiking that you may find useful if you're planning your first hiking trip with your family or bunch of pals.
 Fishing
If there are water bodies such as lakes or ponds along your hiking route and if fishing, swimming, aren't restricted there, you might as well carry your fishing rod and tackle along with you! I mean, what could be a better recreational activity? Fishing would make for a great pastime and this way, you can catch your own food while away from civilization! Isn't a trout fillet roasted upon camp fire a better option over canned food any given day? Besides, no canned food also means no littering of the countryside!
 Swimming
A summer hiking trip can never feel complete without swimming in open lakes and splashing around in rivers and streams! However, make sure the water currents are not too dangerous, the waters aren't home to large aquatic carnivores and don't go out too far or too deep in the waters. Also, make sure swimming is allowed in those waters in the first place! Besides swimming, you can play a lot of water games in the cool, refreshing aquatic recesses of the wild.
 Play Games
From impromptu entertaining activities such as treasure hunts, hide-and-seek, Frisbee throws and quizzes to proper games and sports activities like cards, baseball, there are endless choices when it comes to fun games and sports while out trekking the wild countryside. You can also develop your own versions of popular campfire games to be played on the spot! You can also design your own hunt-and-survive games based upon similarly themed reality and adventure shows. In other words, unleash your instincts and let creativity and vitality take their course unfettered!
 Make Some Music
Can things get more relaxing than playing your instrument sitting near a bright camp fire under the ethereally breathtaking canopy of a starry night sky? I guess not! Be it the regular guitar, flute or something as exotic as a banjo, take it along with you on your trek and play unhinged with the trees, grasses, rocks and the gurgling mountainside streams as your audience. No other experience can make you feel closer to Nature and the Creator than giving in to music in the wild.
While you're up to all this, make sure you don't leave any opportunity to explore Nature to the fullest extent. However, do make sure you follow proper preparatory and cautionary measures and before you plunge into your discover-the-wild expedition. Even before you embark upon the hiking trip, make a checklist of all things that you need to carry with you while out trekking. Some of the most important things to carry while hiking would necessarily include a map of the countryside, compass, insect repellent, knife, whistle, enough food and water to last the entire trip, cell phone or any other communication device (so you can get in touch with civilization when in danger or lost and trace any strayed member of the hiking party), first aid kit and prescription medications (if necessary), portable tents and appropriate bedding, sunblock creams, hats, necessary and protective clothing items, etc. You see, you can enjoy Nature to the utmost extent only when you are well prepared and sufficiently equipped to face Her rugged and moody side as well! So, go ahead and get close to your roots - after all, the wild is where the seeds of life were sown in the first place!