Bike Frame Size Chart

Whether you are interested in road or mountain biking, picking a bike with the correct frame size is very important. However, this is something many people overlook. In this Buzzle article, we will give you a proper guide on the sizes of the bike frames.
Many people believe that the more expensive a bike, it has to be the best of the lot. However, that is never the case. While purchasing a bike, there are a lot of factors involved, one of which is your body type.

Well, majority of people look at the brand, looks, features, etc., when it comes to buying a bike. But what most people ignore is the frame size of the bike, which is an important aspect too. Whether the bike is large and heavy or slim and light, it won't let you completely enjoy the pleasures of biking if it's the wrong size for you.

Bike Frame Size Guide

When you are referring to the size chart, you need to measure your height and inner leg with regards to the frame measurements. This is important to determine the size frame that is most comfortable for you. The following tables will help determine the correct frame size for you.

Road Bikes
Rider's HeightInside LegFrame Size
5.015227 - 2968.5 - 73.51848
5.115527 - 2968.5 - 73.51848
5.2157.527 - 2968.5 - 73.51848
5.316028 - 3071 - 761950
5.4162.528 - 3071 - 761950
5.516529 - 3173.5 - 792052
5.6167.528 - 3071 - 762052
5.717028 - 3073.5 - 762154
5.8172.530 - 3276 - 812154
5.917531 - 3379 - 842256
5.10177.530 - 3276 - 812256
5.1118032 - 3481 - 872358
6.018332 - 3481.5 - 86.52358
6.218833 - 3584 - 892460
Mountain Bikes
Rider's HeightInside LegFrame Size
4.1014226 - 2866 - 711333
5.014727 - 2968.5 - 73.41436
5.2152.527 - 2968.5 - 73.51538
5.4162.528 - 3071 - 761641
5.6167.528 - 3071 - 761743
5.8172.529 - 3173.5 - 78.41846
5.917529 - 3173.5 - 78.51948
5.10177.530 - 3276 - 812051
6.018332 - 3481.5 - 86.52153
6.218833 - 3584 - 892256
6.419334 - 3686.5 - 91.52358

1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 centimeter = .394 inch

Frame Measurements

When you are trying to measure the frame size, you need to take into consideration your height and inside leg measurements. Along with these measurements, you need to consider your riding style and the bike style as well.

Your Height
  1. Remove your shoes and measure your height by standing upright against a wall.
  2. Keep your legs together and shoulders stiff.
  3. By placing a pencil at the top of your head, you need to hold it parallel to the ground and mark the wall.
  4. Then measure the height against the wall.
Inside Leg
  1. Remove your shoes and stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. With a measuring tape, measure the length of your inner legs from the crotch to your feet.
  3. This measurement should be taken with the help of someone to get the correct size.
Then you need to measure the distance between you, that is, your crotch and the bike's tube top or the crossbar. This is known as clearance, and is indicated by standing over the bike, forward of the saddle and measure the distance of the crotch to the top tube. The clearance distance should be at least two inches, and should exist on all bikes that you wish to ride. This is the safety net that helps prevent an injury if you are to jump forward suddenly.

These measurements in the tables given above are generalized, and you need to consider your body size. If you are taller or shorter than the above mentioned measurements, then you need to consult an expert (at the bike store itself). Always keep in mind that the measurements, riding style, bike model, etc., play an important role in choosing the correct bike frame size.
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